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Our Main Goal

First of all,to show you the purpose of the website we'll first try to introduce our story and why this website has been created from the first place.
Everything started few years ago,I had a small blog with some few little posts and with around 300~views in a day.
One day I`ve noticed that my website does not load,after contacting the support of my webhosting service (it was digitalocean that days)
they told me that they have suspended my vps since my CPU load was too much.
Now this can`t be a normal usage since I`m just using nginx and php-fpm on that server with a little database (mysql).
After reading the logs I`ve noticed a lot of requests that looks actually normal but all of them came from the same IP.
Now when I`ve understood that I was under a deniel of service attack I`ve tried to install multiple firewalls with multiple configurations like iptables and apps like that.
When I`ve successfully migrated that attack the hacker used the oldschool syn attack to flood my vps and took it down after few seconds.
After few days I`ve purchased a new vps from a new provider and configure it to migrate DDoS attacks as much as possible.
Then I realize that I actually cannot test my configurations to know what can happen if the hacker will go back to my website and try to attack me again.
So I`ve opened this service which the main goal of it is to help sysadmins and system security expers to test their configuration and their firewall to know that no one can bring their service down
and no one can make them lose money from the downtime.
Today,with over than 100K users I can tell you that our customers are happy with our service and test their firewalls around the world every few seconds.
-We are currently also providing help assistant to help users migrate attacks and help them block DDoS attacks on their service.
-We are doing everything to make sure that no one abuse our service by blocking ip hidding tools like TOR or proxies,mark some accounts for verification and activity checking the attack logs.
-We are also providing a blacklist service for free that everyone can use to block a IP or a URL from our service.
--XYZBooter does not support any illegal activity in any kind of it.

--In addition please read the terms of service at here.